A Welcome from Kristi Molinaro

Welcome to 30/60/90 Fitness – home of 30/60/90® High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This site is dedicated to bringing one of the most advanced workouts to you. I developed 30/60/90 to make the most of the time and energy you invest in your workout routine.

If you don’t identify with the huge, pumped-up muscle guy or the size 2 over-caffeinated girl, but you still yearn for a kick-ass, fat-burning workout you are not alone. In fact, you are in luck!

Whether you join the 30/60/90 Team in New York City’s Equinox, 24 Hour Fitness, or New York Health and Racquet Club (see class schedule) or follow the 30/60/90 video (see video), you will never look back.

Make EVERY SECOND COUNT… starting now!

Kristi Molinaro, Fitness Expert and Founder
30/60/90 Fitness

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